Mountains of the Moon University Student Loans 2022-2023

By | February 11, 2022

Mountains of the Moon University Student Loans 2022-2023

Mountains of the Moon University Student Loans 2022-2023: Most prospective students have concerns about funding. Coming to university may be your first experience away from home, and it is natural to wonder how you will manage. We understand your financial concerns and, in this section, we provide some information on sources of funding and guidelines on how to finance your studies.

As a student, you will find that careful financial planning and management is essential. This is even more important if you are meeting the cost of studying yourself, or if you are studying away from home. A significant number of students fund their studies through a combination of scholarships, bursaries (either administered by the University or by organizations outside the University), loans, help from parents, sponsorship by companies, and through part-time and vacation work. We encourage you to explore all financial assistance possibilities.


For more information on our student loan funding and grants, please contact our help desk for further assistance.

Office of the Registrar Academics

P.O. Box 837, Fort Portal


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