Busitema University Nagongera Campus

By | February 7, 2022

Busitema University Nagongera Campus

Busitema University Nagongera Campus – Read details below:

Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Education based at Nagongera Campus of Busitema University

The Faculty of Science and Education (FSE) is one of the 7 Faculties of Busitema University. It was one of the first Faculties established in Bustema University. The Faculty is located at Nagongera within Nagongera Township in Tororo district about 17 kilometers from Tororo town along Tororo- Busolwe road. Nagongera campus was previously a National Teacher College (NTC) and was given to Busitema University in 2006.
The campus is set on 850 acres of land which provides amble space opportunity for expansion for the training, research and outreach activities.

The Faculty became operational from 2007. At undergraduate level the Faculty currently trains education professional teachers in sciences in subjects of: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer studies.

Core values: Excellence, relevance, innovative, professionalism, ethics, integrity, equity, internationalization and respect for diversity.

Expansion of Training Programmes
In an effort to respond to the government policy of increasing the number of science and practical life skill subject teachers for secondary schools, the faculty has planned to introduce new subjects in the areas of Marine Science, English and Literature, Sports Science in 2015/2016 academic year.

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