African Bible University Admission Requirements 2022-2023

By | January 4, 2022

African Bible University Admission Requirements 2022-2023

African Bible University Admission Requirements 2022 | African Bible University has made available their entry requirements for each courses offered in the school… see details below:

The standards of Christian commitment and scholarship maintained by African Bible University require a policy of selective admission.  All applications are reviewed and evaluated in two areas:

1) Character:

Students must give evidence through their written testimony of having had a genuine conversion experience involving repentance from sin and faith in Christ alone for salvation.  Applicants should have a sincere desire to study the Word of God, to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to prepare themselves to serve Him in the fullest possible way.  Letters of recommendation are also required from the applicant’s pastor of other person of standing in the community who can evaluate the applicant’s character and testify to the vitality of the applicant’s Christian experience, moral character, and personal integrity.

2) Academic Achievement:

scholastic records and performance will be evaluated, along with ABU Entrance Examination scores.

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All Ugandan applicants for admission to African Bible University must have successfully completed Senior 4, and have at least one of the following:

a) at least two principal passes at ‘A’ level

b) a relevant diploma from a recognized institution

c) have passed the National Council for Higher Education’s National Attainment Test for mature age entry.

Applicants from other countries need to have achieved the minimum academic requirements that would be necessary for them to attend an accredited University in their own country.

In addition, the prospective student must satisfactorily pass the African Bible University Entrance Examinations.

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African Bible University ADMISSION PROCEDURES

Formal application to African Bible University consists of the following:

1)  Submission of a completed application form, which may be obtained from the office of the Registrar.  The completed application form should include photocopies of all documents establishing qualifications and transcripts.

2)  Students who have submitted a satisfactory application and who have met the minimum academic requirements will be invited to sit for the African Bible University Entrance Examinations.

3)  Prospective students who successfully compete the African Bible University Entrance Examinations may be called to the university for a personal oral interview with the Registrar or another designated faculty member before final selection is made.  At this time all original documents must be produced and photocopies verified.

4)  If the interview is satisfactory, the applicant will be asked to provide a health certificate from a qualified physician.  In addition the applicant’s referees will be contacted to provide personal recommendations.

5)  After the candidate has been interviewed, and all necessary records, transcripts and references have been received, a decision will be made regarding the applicant.  Notification of acceptance or rejection will then be communicated to the applicant.



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